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Configure your own personal Saber and show your true colors. Defend Peace for the Light, or impose your Will for the Dark! We have different options for any fan of the far off galaxy. Whether a trusty companian for battle or a display, Star Light-Sabers is ready to bring you an elegent weapon for your collection.


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Special addition fonts from KSith and Kyberphonic

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Customization & Diverse Sound

Customization is our founding principle, and is our main mission. We use a variety of parts and kits from many sources to find the best fit for you! Whether a high quality hilt kit or budget friendly option, we offer an array of choices to make it your own! Paired with the best sounds on the market from Kyberphonic and KSith, your Saber will be complete.

Quality & Durablity

We strive for the highest quality possible and value choosing the best available parts for our custom installations. From acid etching to custom machining we are determined to deliver excellence.

Affordable & Feature Rich

From our budget selection to our high end collection. All our Proffie, Golden Harvest and XenoPixel powered sabers will have diverse blade styles, gesture controls, color changing, blaster blocks and much more!