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Our Story

Greetings everyone and welcome! My name is Sebastian and I am the owner Star Light - Sabers.

 I have been a fan of a galaxy far, far away and it’s props for most of my whole life. These stories have become a defining portion of my character and provides me with hope and joy as well as entertainment. My goal is to reciprocate these feelings by paying them forward to you! I have been installing Sabers for around 6 years and have dedicated myself completely to continuous improvement.


At Star Light, our main goal is to provide a experience that is as timeless as the myth these movies have become.


Regardless if it is a budget friendly Saber from our partners at LGT, or a custom installed piece by yours truly, we strive to deliver an awe inspiring experience.

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Our Partners

LGT: This company has become one of the largest suppliers of sabers to the world, and are the “go to” budget option. They offer simple but unique designs. As well as character interpreted hilts. We may not be they only vendor of theirs but we are proud to have them involved.

Kyberphonic: It all started with a request to make some Cross Guard fonts in 2019 we became fast friends and the rest is history. Kyberphonic has since become an irreplaceable memeber of the Saber Community, watching his progress has been a joy and I am honored to feature his fonts.

KSith Saber Fonts: This legend of the Saber Community was introduced to me by Kyberphonic. He has been practicing his craft from the years of the Nano Biscotti to smooth swing and delievers a quality product everysingle time. KSith Saber Fonts is yet another pillar in font making and I am humnbled to offer his work.

Rogue Rebels Podcast: This family offers a positive and entertaining take of all thing Star Wars. These super fans know almost every piece of lore and stories and have also gain noteritey for their infamous Star Wars Rebels Cosplay. They are kind enough to host yours truely from time to time and I am happy to stand with them in thier fanaticism.